So. This is a WordPress blog, and therefore it is under the command of the Googles and all their storm troopers. Will it let me post a news link here? Let’s find out!


This link should go to an online article about new information on the effects of caffeine consumption on the brain.


  1. Link worked on my end

  2. Russel Murphy · · Reply

    Worked for me.

  3. Andrew Reilly · · Reply

    WordPress is a distinct entity from Google or Facebook, and (thus far) Google has gone the other way: done deals so that they can keep dealing in “news” in Aus.

    What would be interesting, if anyone had a Facebook account, would be to try posting a link to _this_ article to Facebook. I suspect that you won’t be classified as a news publisher, and so the link will skate past the detectors.

    1. Hey, amigo. Nice to see you.

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