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Short Story: “Dietary Restrictions”

“Why aren’t you dead?” The Count looked at the object protruding from his chest. “Stake, not steak, you fool.” Van Helsing frowned. “As in ‘wooden stake’?” “Precisely.” Fangs gleamed whitely. “Good thing I’m vegetarian,” said Van Helsing. The Count’s eyes widened…”Textured Vegetable Protein?” “The same.” “Damna…” The Count crumbled to ash, his words vanishing into […]

Review: Constantine — The TV Series Pilot

      Oooh, where to start? Okay — first, let me introduce John Constantine. He’s a DC character (the same imprint which stables Batman, Superman, The Flash, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman and a bunch of other underpants-wearing types) created originally by Alan Moore as a support figure during Moore’s critically-acclaimed run on the Swamp […]