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Criticism: Why You Need It, How To Take It… and How To Fail At Taking It.

A good critical reader is a writer’s best buddy. Note that you cannot turn that sentence around and get sense out of it: your best buddy is not, and never will be, a good critical reader. (Caveat: I am on good and friendly terms with some highly professional people whose criticism I value tremendously. But […]

DVD Review: Under The Skin

With the plethora of Really Big Science Fiction Movies lately, it’s quite likely this little gem slipped below the radar for a lot of people. There are no giant starships, no armadas of aliens, no galactic panoramas: just what appears to be a woman (played with immense courage by Scarlett Johannson) driving a nondescript white […]

A Little Give-Away

Here’s a quick something for you to read at your leisure.  Not everything a writer creates sees print. Pieces that aren’t suitable for the initial market usually get re-constructed and submitted elsewhere. Sometimes that’s not an option, though. These days, that’s not always a disaster. What follows is an excerpt from a novella entitled Jerusalem […]