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Men, Women, Violence, Ethics, And The Danger Of A Double Standard

As a child and a young man, I was a victim of violence. I was a clever kid with a funny accent, and in Far North Queensland that made me a fair target, apparently. It was bad enough when I reached high school that I had something of a breakdown (after three months of consistent death […]

Language And Thought: How The Words They Use Control Your Mind

In the world of magic, there’s a concept known as “the force”. It has nothing to do with light-sabres and small green muppets. In fact, it’s the means by which a stage magician or mentalist seems to give you a choice, but ensures that the choice you make is the one she wants. The simplest […]

A Call For Help

I’m a writer. That means I’m articulate, able to put complex ideas into words for my readers. A lot of you reading this are writers too. Some of you are also editors and publishers. We have abilities — in terms of communication — that aren’t available to most people. We need to start using those […]

Why Should High School Students Read William Gibson’s Neuromancer?

I’m orchestrating a study group for advanced readers at the local high school. I’ve encouraged them to tackle Gibson’s famous Neuromancer, and when we’re done with that we’re going on to Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep. (There are plenty of reasons to put the two texts side by side, so to speak. I’ll leave it […]

End Of An Era.

I’m not one of those who will mythologize their pets, coo and crow over them as if they were children. Mostly, I’ve owned — is that the right word? — cats, but there’s been the odd dog and python in my life too. Currently, my daughter has a rabbit variously referred to as “Buddy”, “Count […]

Battling Giant Monsters — Or Windmills, I Guess.

First, an apology — of sorts. Yes, I’ve been off the air. You see, last year we were supposed to get an NBN (National Broadband Network, for those of you from over the seas) tower in line-of-sight to Chez Flinthart. That would have brought my family into the 21st century, and we were really looking […]