(Contains adult language. Yeah, so what’s fucking new there?) Speaker Crannock was a bit of a cunt in Milo’s opinion. He couldn’t even give them the promised golden chamberpot because it was still full of shit. He’d promised to clean it, but according to him, it couldn’t happen without his servants. And where were the […]

For whatever reason, Jathara was desperate to get back to Caer Koenig. She made out it was about the goats, but Milo figured she was shit-scared after the way they’d messed up all the duergar and that fucking Ogre Zombie. Scared or not, though, she still wasn’t going to get herself a pig tatt, no […]

(Another gaming recap… beware!) The trouble with Testikles… No. Forget that. Even drunk, Iledove knew there were multiple problems with Testikles. She glanced sideways at him across the taproom of the Northern Lights tavern. Only a handful of days earlier, he’d grappled naked with a vile undead creature and jumped into a blazing fireplace with […]

(Yes. It’s another recap of a gaming session. I’m in formal isolation with Covid-19, and we had another gaming get-together courtesy of the Internet, and dear God one of the other players is absolutely the WORST…) For a complete idiot, Testikles had a distressing habit of being extremely difficult to manipulate at times. If only […]

(More recounting of RPG adventures as our little gang of misfits and morons blunders through Icewind Dale) The tracks led away from the ferry, through the newfallen snow into the town proper. They must have been made sometime during the night, for the passage of day travellers had not yet made them unclear. Even the […]

It was an unassuming bar in Narita – the kind of quiet, hole-in-the-wall place that caters to tired sararimen and the occasional slightly lost international traveller on layover. The latter was myself, so I felt comfortable enough to order a beer in Internationalese: pointing at a bottle behind the bar, holding up one finger, putting […]

More adventures of my current gaming group, floundering cheerfully and violently through Icewind Dale… The triumphant return to Bryn Shander was a bit less triumphant in the end, Jeoff felt. They had Testikles out front of their little caravan, pathfinding through the snow on his huge gods-damned pig – but as the snow got heavier, […]

(A quick recount of a gaming session, fictionalized for my gaming partners-in-crime…) After the Good Mead clusterfuck, it kind of felt good to be doing what they did best. That was, of course, getting paid to fuck shit up and steal stuff. And the giant fucking igloo for giants… yeah. Milo rubbed his hands together […]

I’ll keep it quick and simple, just like the game itself. With the right people playing, this game is a definite win. You need glib players willing to dive into the lunacy behind “medicine” of the old days. Basically, there’s two decks — ailments, and cures. The ailments are full of things like ‘excess of […]

Being a martial arts instructor – trying to be a good martial arts instructor – is a challenge. Especially when you teach an art as broad and complex as old-school ju-jitsu. For those of you who don’t know, the old Japanese-style ju-jitsu is very possibly the most influential martial art in the world. Judo was […]