After a particularly pleasing night and day of singing, drinking and laughing with the bards and performers of Easthaven, Testikles realised there was a reason for his good mood. Bidding farewell to his musical friends, he went to the room of Jeoff Moonlifter, the wise Elven sorceror. Jeoff sat in the middle of the rented […]

The wind wailed out of the north, blasting tiny shards of ice into her face. Alea shivered, and turned her back – for all the good that did. Better get back into the shelter with the others, no matter how irritating Milo might be at close quarters. She crawled through the entrance, pushing aside the […]

Neil Gaiman began writing ‘The Sandman‘ more than thirty years ago, back in January 1989. His run on the character continued — so Wikipedia says — to 1996. That original effort was a bit of a tour de force in fantasy story-telling, to be honest. Gaiman, still relatively new on the scene, mixed mythology, occultism, […]

Testikles folded his heavy arms across his bare chest. “Well. It no longer cackles, does it? A new name is needed.” Iledove frowned. He really didn’t get it. “That doesn’t matter,” she said. “It can’t be called the Gigantic Ice Bajina. It… it just can’t!” The little barbarian gestured at the enormous, ice-rimed, suggestively oval […]

The decision to accompany Milo to Poumad’s Emporium proved to be… interesting. Jeoff watched attentively as Farroukh – the long-suffering shopkeeper that Milo insisted on calling “Poo-mad” – caught sight of the little halfling, and blanched. “You!” said the swarthy storekeeper, scowling through his bushy beard. “What are you doing in my shop? Are you […]

(Contains adult language. Yeah, so what’s fucking new there?) Speaker Crannock was a bit of a cunt in Milo’s opinion. He couldn’t even give them the promised golden chamberpot because it was still full of shit. He’d promised to clean it, but according to him, it couldn’t happen without his servants. And where were the […]

For whatever reason, Jathara was desperate to get back to Caer Koenig. She made out it was about the goats, but Milo figured she was shit-scared after the way they’d messed up all the duergar and that fucking Ogre Zombie. Scared or not, though, she still wasn’t going to get herself a pig tatt, no […]

(Another gaming recap… beware!) The trouble with Testikles… No. Forget that. Even drunk, Iledove knew there were multiple problems with Testikles. She glanced sideways at him across the taproom of the Northern Lights tavern. Only a handful of days earlier, he’d grappled naked with a vile undead creature and jumped into a blazing fireplace with […]

(Yes. It’s another recap of a gaming session. I’m in formal isolation with Covid-19, and we had another gaming get-together courtesy of the Internet, and dear God one of the other players is absolutely the WORST…) For a complete idiot, Testikles had a distressing habit of being extremely difficult to manipulate at times. If only […]

(More recounting of RPG adventures as our little gang of misfits and morons blunders through Icewind Dale) The tracks led away from the ferry, through the newfallen snow into the town proper. They must have been made sometime during the night, for the passage of day travellers had not yet made them unclear. Even the […]