“It was close. So close I could smell it, even through the stink of fear-sweat and the rough tang of the city streets. Gerund. Once you get that scent… once you’ve smelled it, that cloying mix of blood and carrion and jasmine and chocolate, you’ll never forget it. You’ll never mistake it. You’ll never be […]

  But probably the not the one you think. Look — Doctor Strange is one of Marvel’s more interesting characters, and I’m as pleased as anybody that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be playing the Sorcerer Supreme on the big screen. But the truth is simple: old Cumberbunny isn’t the first. Back in the dim, […]

I’m not a huge aficionado of horror. I’ve read it, written it, watched it… but all too often I find myself disappointed. I’m willing to allow that it’s probably because my take on ‘horrifying’ is different to most, but on the whole I find that horror as a genre falls all too easily into tired […]

  This movie is ridiculous, awesome, hilarious, stupidly violent, graphic as hell, brutal, ugly, and genuinely brilliant. Like Crank (the Jason Statham vehicle from a few years back) it hits the screen with the kind of pace that directors like Michael Bay just wish they could create, let alone sustain, and it barely lets up […]

Nifty stuff. Short works from a bunch of Oz writers of speculative fiction, set to music by contemporary Australian composers, and performed live!    

Okay, yeah, I’m late to the party. Late to a lot of things. Wouldn’t worry about it. So: Ancillary Justice, from Ann Leckie Published in 2013, this is Leckie’s debut novel and it picked up a hailstorm of awards including just about everything on offer from SF and fandom. Thus, in picking up the book […]

Hmm. Okay, this one is interesting. Some movies function as a whole. Some excel in certain areas, but fall down in others. As ever, the golden rule holds: it’s the characters that really count. He Never Died lies somewhere between dark fantasy and horror, with a strong streak of remarkably dry and mordant humour running through […]