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On Short Stories (Part 1)

This is the first part in what will be a moderately long series. It will eventually be compiled into a PDF for free release. It’s not as though I imagine my perspective on writing short stories is unique, or even unusually valuable… but it can’t hurt to lay out some very simple ideas on the […]


Kiss I could not kiss you lightly Brush cheek with cheek and vanish Hummingbird swift to another blossom. Deeper nectars demand the patience of desire I could not kiss you softly. Sweetness comes to summer fruit bruised by tongue and lip and tooth. Fierce kisses delight as they devour. I could not kiss you quickly. […]

Short Story: “Flogging A Dead Irishman.”

Flogging A Dead Irishman Dirk Flinthart 2015 Another rejection. Thank you for this opportunity, regret to say not suitable blah blah blah. Try another publication. Jesus, doesn’t anybody read proper stories any more? I thought I’d cracked it this time. Wrote about the time I smuggled a bunch of Mexican workers into the USA. Good […]