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Nine Tails In Narita

It was an unassuming bar in Narita – the kind of quiet, hole-in-the-wall place that caters to tired sararimen and the occasional slightly lost international traveller on layover. The latter was myself, so I felt comfortable enough to order a beer in Internationalese: pointing at a bottle behind the bar, holding up one finger, putting […]

The City Man And The Cat

(Many moons ago, two very dear friends of mine moved to the country. I won’t tell you where from, or where to… but I will say this: they were named Garth and Bonita, and that’s as much as you need to know. Except, maybe, that this is a true story told to me in person […]

The Unicorn (A Simple Story For Study)

(This story is posted as part of the ongoing introductory walkthrough to basic short story writing. It has no particularly outstanding merits except that it is 1) short, 2) easily amenable to analysis and 3) belongs to me so I don’t have to worry about copyright. Have fun, folks!)   The Unicorn It cost a […]

On Short Stories (Part 1)

This is the first part in what will be a moderately long series. It will eventually be compiled into a PDF for free release. It’s not as though I imagine my perspective on writing short stories is unique, or even unusually valuable… but it can’t hurt to lay out some very simple ideas on the […]

Short Story: “Flogging A Dead Irishman.”

Flogging A Dead Irishman Dirk Flinthart 2015 Another rejection. Thank you for this opportunity, regret to say not suitable blah blah blah. Try another publication. Jesus, doesn’t anybody read proper stories any more? I thought I’d cracked it this time. Wrote about the time I smuggled a bunch of Mexican workers into the USA. Good […]


She stood in the shadow of a pylon, trembling with something more than cold. A vagrant moonbeam turned her breath into a silver halo. I didn’t want to frighten her, so I cleared my throat. She turned, her eyes wide. “Sorry,” I said. “You wouldn’t have a light?” She stared, then shook her head. “I’m […]

A Story With A Story

VIGIL Their eyes turn away as they pass this willow, sheltering your grave. Men who could not look elsewhere while you lived will not spare a glance for your tomb. And I – when I was your Prince Charming, women gazed at me under their lashes and dropped their kerchiefs by my feet. Now I […]

The Fading Memory Of Music

The Fading Memory of Music Dirk Flinthart         “Ev’ry time, just like the last On the ship, tied to the mast…” She came out of the twilight like a shadow, appearing at my shoulder before I knew it, speaking words I couldn’t hear. Tossing the stub of my cigarette into the sea, I […]

Story Upcoming: “In The Blood”, in Ticonderoga Press ‘Bloodlines’ Anthology

Blood. How could I resist such an absolutely cool theme? I mean – anyone who knows my writing will be aware that I love nothing more than tackling a widely used idea and spinning it in a different direction. Thus, when I saw that Ticonderoga were putting together an anthology of stories hung on the […]

I Don’t Like NaNoWriMo

That’s “National Novel Writing Month” for those of you not plagued by FB buddies who are all desperately churning out wordage. It’s a thing that started a handful of years ago. People of all walks of life are supposed to sit down and churn out fifty thousand words over November.  I’m not convinced, myself. I’m […]