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Review: Bloody Waters by Jason Franks. (Possible Press)

In 1987 at what was arguably the height of his run on Marvel Comics X-Men, writer Chris Claremont branched out and tried his hand at producing a novel. Like many people I knew at the time, I enjoyed what Claremont was doing with the X-Characters (he ended up handling a LOT more than just the […]

Review: I, Frankenstein

Eeyyewww. Frankenshit. (Yes. That’s the entire review. The film’s so bad I’m leaving the Italian version of the poster just in case reading the English credits might cause distress.)

H. P. Lovecraft — or how to appreciate his work without being a dick about it.

Look, I like Lovecraft as much as anybody. And in the world of speculative fiction — particularly horror — “anybody” is a long and illustrious list. Stephen King. Ramsey Campbell. Robert Bloch. Charles Stross… no, sod it. It would be easier to list writers who haven’t tried their hand at a Cthulhu Mythos story than […]