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Research: Some People Just Don’t Wanna Be Helpful

I recently got ‘friended’ on FaceBook by somebody who I very quickly pegged as a scammer. Eh, not to worry. Why not? So — here’s the exchange of messages that followed once I accepted the ‘Friend’ request. I have reduced the scammer’s ID to a set of initials because — well, even scammers have feelings, […]

Make It Bleed: The Third Dimension of Storytelling

This is the third and final piece of musing on the art of the storytelling — at least, for now. (I’m a writer. No doubt I’ll be back here sometime, marvelling at my past arrogance and stupidity. Sufficient unto the day…) So far, I’ve discussed what I call two dimensions of storytelling. The first — […]


She stood in the shadow of a pylon, trembling with something more than cold. A vagrant moonbeam turned her breath into a silver halo. I didn’t want to frighten her, so I cleared my throat. She turned, her eyes wide. “Sorry,” I said. “You wouldn’t have a light?” She stared, then shook her head. “I’m […]

A Story With A Story

VIGIL Their eyes turn away as they pass this willow, sheltering your grave. Men who could not look elsewhere while you lived will not spare a glance for your tomb. And I – when I was your Prince Charming, women gazed at me under their lashes and dropped their kerchiefs by my feet. Now I […]