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The Fading Memory Of Music

The Fading Memory of Music Dirk Flinthart         “Ev’ry time, just like the last On the ship, tied to the mast…” She came out of the twilight like a shadow, appearing at my shoulder before I knew it, speaking words I couldn’t hear. Tossing the stub of my cigarette into the sea, I […]

The Dimensions Of Storytelling. Part The Second: The Nifty Idea

Last time I talked about this I posited that stories – novels too, but here I’m generally talking about short stories because I’ve got a collection coming out very soon – are built along multiple dimensions of engagement. That is, there are multiple ways to gain and hold a reader’s attention. The first dimension, for […]

…And Another

While I was talking about dimensions of storytelling a few days back, I did mention that I have a collection of my own coming out. Soon. I even included a wee bitty link to Fablecroft, the publishers. Promotion! Go me! Seriously? I’m really not good at spruiking my own material. I need to get better […]

A Cover Reveal’d…

Bloodlines from Ticonderoga Publications has a cover now! Kathleen Jennings’ work is as lovely as ever. The book also has an official table of contents, and it appears I’m sharing space with some very talented folks. Old names and new… … but most important to me would be the name of the editor, the redoubtable Amanda […]

Telling Stories

Okay. I’ve got a collection of short stories coming out through Fablecroft. The cover looks beautiful. The scutwork is done. There’s a nifty range of tales in it, including a decent spread of new and unpublished material as well as some works that haven’t seen print in a while. I’d call it a decent representation […]

Story Upcoming: “In The Blood”, in Ticonderoga Press ‘Bloodlines’ Anthology

Blood. How could I resist such an absolutely cool theme? I mean – anyone who knows my writing will be aware that I love nothing more than tackling a widely used idea and spinning it in a different direction. Thus, when I saw that Ticonderoga were putting together an anthology of stories hung on the […]