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DVD Review: Under The Skin

With the plethora of Really Big Science Fiction Movies lately, it’s quite likely this little gem slipped below the radar for a lot of people. There are no giant starships, no armadas of aliens, no galactic panoramas: just what appears to be a woman (played with immense courage by Scarlett Johannson) driving a nondescript white […]

Path Of Night Rolling Onward

Okay. So Path Of Night is the first book in a series, out through small press. My goal is to keep the series ticking over with a book every six months to a year (or thereabouts given a bit of time once the Masters degree is done) to raise a profile out there in author-land, […]

Review: Man Of Steel

  I rarely bother to attend the cinema any more. We have only one cinemaplex in Launceston, and it shows nothing but the shiniest and latest and crappiest and Hollywoodest movies. Of course, sometimes I wouldn’t mind seeing those — but since it costs me well over a hundred dollars to do so with my […]

Review: Memoirs Of A Geisha — Arthur Golden (1997)

People just love this book, don’t they? I guess I can understand some of that. There’s a good deal to appreciate in the literary side of the work. Golden has done a marvellous job of evoking the characters, and creating a setting that has tremendous verisimilitude for the reader. And yet, the book left me […]