Monthly Archives: January 2016

Review: Dark Matter

You know, I really love Firefly.  And who doesn’t? Show’s been dead more than a decade now (if you don’t count the big old movie adaptation) but it still represents the high-water mark for a certain kind of TV science fiction. And likely always will. Lightning in a bottle there: the right writers, the right […]

In Your Face

There are editors, and there are editors. I’m not too picky about who I write for. (I do have limits, though.) But there are editors who have earned my trust and respect and more, and Tehani of Fablecroft is high on that list. A while back, she tagged me and asked for a story which […]

The City Man And The Cat

(Many moons ago, two very dear friends of mine moved to the country. I won’t tell you where from, or where to… but I will say this: they were named Garth and Bonita, and that’s as much as you need to know. Except, maybe, that this is a true story told to me in person […]