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Game Review “TRUST ME, I’M A DOCTOR”

I’ll keep it quick and simple, just like the game itself. With the right people playing, this game is a definite win. You need glib players willing to dive into the lunacy behind “medicine” of the old days. Basically, there’s two decks — ailments, and cures. The ailments are full of things like ‘excess of […]

Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace

Currently playing Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace on the Switch. Hmm. Arkham Horror is a very popular board game based on the Cthulhu Mythos material created by H P Lovecraft and so very many others in his wake. The original game debuted back in the eighties. It was pretty simplistic compared with the current generation of […]

Runner’s Low

Here’s a thing I’ve been wondering about. For most of my life, I’ve been hearing about this “Runner’s High” thing. And I’ve met about a million people who talk about how good it feels to exercise until you wanna puke. They get together and have little verbal porn sessions, moaning ecstatically about the sensations… … […]

Electric Dreams

I followed a Tesla for about 20km today. It wasn’t deliberate. We just happened to be going the same way. It was a matter of curiosity for me, as Tasmania isn’t exactly rife with electromobiles, so I paid attention to what I could see. It was surprisingly weird to be looking at the back end […]

The Hussite Wars? Whoa!

Reasons to read fiction from other languages and cultures #99453… I’m currently reading and enjoying the first of Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy trilogy set in the time of the Hussite Wars. The what? Yeah. Look — I’m not particularly ignorant by most standards. But in reading The Tower of Fools (an English translation of this trilogy […]

I’m Back

I’ve got friends who are leaving FaceBook. I can’t blame them. The place is a bit of a cesspit. But I miss some of those folk, so I’m making a conscious effort to be back on this site more often. Hopefully I can keep it up. And in other news: today I managed to return […]


So. This is a WordPress blog, and therefore it is under the command of the Googles and all their storm troopers. Will it let me post a news link here? Let’s find out! This link should go to an online article about new information on the effects of caffeine consumption on the brain.

The Troublesome Question of Star Trek: Discovery…

Now,  here’s a thing. I know perfectly well that expressing an opinion with regard to ANYTHING Star Trek from ANY time or location is tantamount to throwing rocks a wasp nest… a really big wasp nest full of dopey, angry and confused wasps who are nevertheless extremely persistent. But — what the hell. Some days […]

Review: Netflix movie “Bright”

Sue me. I was tired and slightly drunk. I watched ‘Bright’. Normally I’d include an image or two, or a link. Or whatever. But screw it. Too much effort. No. I didn’t like ‘Bright’.  It reminded me of ‘The Matrix’. When ‘The Matrix’ came out, the moviegoing world drew a collective breath and went “Oooh! […]

Why I Like The Princess Bride

Ought to be a no-brainer, right? Apparently less so than I thought. I went to a 30th anniversary screening of The Princess Bride the other night. It was organised by a local political figure, and the film played on a small dropdown screen in a space above  a sports facility. Nevertheless, the room was full […]