Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Inevitable Ice Bucket

It’s true. My grandmother suffered for a very long time with ALS. I still don’t have words to convey how it feels to watch that happen, and I can only imagine how it must have been for those of the family closest to her — those who looked after her for so very long.  As […]

Why I Write

All right. I got tagged by the redoubtable Toni Fish (from her blog, over here) in what she’s calling a “Blog Hop”. There weren’t a lot of instructions, but there was a title (see above!) and guessing from the structure of Toni’s post, there were some questions I’m supposed to answer. I’ve written 3000 words […]

Review: “Bound” by Alan Baxter

One of the oldest adages in the world of writing fiction is “Write What You Know”. It may not be a perfect formula, but it’s a bloody good place to start, and it’s served Alan Baxter well with his new novel Bound, the first in a series about protagonist Alex Caine, from Harper Voyager.  Caine […]

Desperate Stuff — A Technical Solution To Two Pressing Problems

Most of you will know I’ve been concerned about human-driven climate change for a long time. Decades, as a matter of fact. (Yes. The facts have been around that long. Longer, really.)  I live in Tasmania precisely because when my wife decided we should have kids, I figured Queensland was likely to be hit harder […]

On The Meaning Of Silence

Does silence actually have a meaning? I don’t know. But around here, it means that I’m busy. Working. Working hard. I’d like to blog more, but quite honestly most of my life is personal trivia. Do you really want to know that I’m preparing a version of oxtail soup tonight, so my wife can heat […]