Monthly Archives: December 2013

Review (DVD Release): Byzantium

I personally find director Neil Jordan (Mona Lisa, The Crying Game, Company of Wolves) a bit hit-or-miss as a storyteller, but the fine eye he brings to the director’s chair covers a myriad of sins for my money. I heard about this film on the grapevine, and decided to see it on strength of word-of-mouth […]

Coming Up From Marianne de Pierres: Peacemaker

Oh, man, I love a good cover.  And, no foolin’, that there is a very pretty cover indeed. Coming from Angry Robot in May 2014, Peacemaker is the first of a new series from Marianne de Pierres. I hear rumours of Cowpunk, megacities, demons, magic, and genderbending. On the other hand, I also hear thoughtful […]