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Coming Up From Marianne de Pierres: Peacemaker

Oh, man, I love a good cover.  And, no foolin’, that there is a very pretty cover indeed. Coming from Angry Robot in May 2014, Peacemaker is the first of a new series from Marianne de Pierres. I hear rumours of Cowpunk, megacities, demons, magic, and genderbending. On the other hand, I also hear thoughtful […]

Launching In A Small Town

Well, now. That was interesting.    (Signing a book for Mayor Barry Jarvis) I don’t know how many other writer-types live out in the boonies, but if this post helps anybody, so much the better.  I wasn’t wholly convinced that a small town without a book store (other than the newsagent) was a great place […]

Review: Memoirs Of A Geisha — Arthur Golden (1997)

People just love this book, don’t they? I guess I can understand some of that. There’s a good deal to appreciate in the literary side of the work. Golden has done a marvellous job of evoking the characters, and creating a setting that has tremendous verisimilitude for the reader. And yet, the book left me […]


I hadn’t actually intended to have a “launch” for Path of Night, but after some thought it seems like a good idea. Not that I’m anywhere near a major city, or likely to turn up to a convention or anything. But it occurred to me that the small town where I live — Scottsdale — […]

Mister Flinthart Has A Novel

Indeed I do. But first — welcome to the Last Bastion! Last Bastion of what? Top hats. Cigars. Seventies metal music. I dunno — you bring it, we’ll make this place a bastion for it. But for me? I’m making this place the Last Bastion of Fun. Fun in reading, fun in writing. I didn’t […]