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The City Man And The Cat

(Many moons ago, two very dear friends of mine moved to the country. I won’t tell you where from, or where to… but I will say this: they were named Garth and Bonita, and that’s as much as you need to know. Except, maybe, that this is a true story told to me in person […]

Short Story: “Flogging A Dead Irishman.”

Flogging A Dead Irishman Dirk Flinthart 2015 Another rejection. Thank you for this opportunity, regret to say not suitable blah blah blah. Try another publication. Jesus, doesn’t anybody read proper stories any more? I thought I’d cracked it this time. Wrote about the time I smuggled a bunch of Mexican workers into the USA. Good […]

The Fading Memory Of Music

The Fading Memory of Music Dirk Flinthart         “Ev’ry time, just like the last On the ship, tied to the mast…” She came out of the twilight like a shadow, appearing at my shoulder before I knew it, speaking words I couldn’t hear. Tossing the stub of my cigarette into the sea, I […]

A Little Give-Away

Here’s a quick something for you to read at your leisure.  Not everything a writer creates sees print. Pieces that aren’t suitable for the initial market usually get re-constructed and submitted elsewhere. Sometimes that’s not an option, though. These days, that’s not always a disaster. What follows is an excerpt from a novella entitled Jerusalem […]