Runner’s Low

Here’s a thing I’ve been wondering about. For most of my life, I’ve been hearing about this “Runner’s High” thing. And I’ve met about a million people who talk about how good it feels to exercise until you wanna puke. They get together and have little verbal porn sessions, moaning ecstatically about the sensations…

… and never in my entire fucking life have I ever encountered this phenomenon in person. Not when swimming for over an hour solid. Not when running for kilometres at a time — which I can no longer do because of my knees. Not when pushing through hardcore martial arts seminars. Not when lifting weights. Never. Not once. Not ever.

The longer I exercise, the less pleasant it gets. Keep it up long enough and the pain gets to the point where I really don’t wanna play any more. Push on, go past that point… and it just hurts more.

Honestly? I think you people are lying to yourselves. I think you’re trying to justify the sheer masochism of some of your more idiotic hobbies and practices. You should probably just admit you’ve got a serious kinky for sweaty pain, and simply own it.

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