…And Another

While I was talking about dimensions of storytelling a few days back, I did mention that I have a collection of my own coming out. Soon. I even included a wee bitty link to Fablecroft, the publishers. Promotion! Go me!

Seriously? I’m really not good at spruiking my own material. I need to get better at that. It’s the way of things for writers now.

So: here’s the cover for Striking Fire, coming out from Fablecroft at the Canberra SF Convention in early October. You’ll be able to pick it up online direct from the publisher, and (I expect) from the usual suspects like Amazon and/or Smashwords.

It’s an interesting collection — at least, I believe so. There’s a mix of older stories which can definitely withstand reprinting, and some brand new pieces never seen before… so it’s not a ‘retrospective’. It’s not a ‘best of’, either, because it leaves out a few tales which have been reprinted and awarded and so fort. (I believe the editor/publisher has further plans for some of those. Spoiler: look out for a Red Priest collection at some point!)

It does, however, showcase some stories I’m quite proud of. Going back through, proof-reading them for the collection — that was an interesting experience. It’s been a strange trip. Wherever it is I am, I think I’m pleased to be here.


Curses. Why isn’t this bigger?

Follow THIS LINK for a chance to score a copy of Striking Fire

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