A Cover Reveal’d…

Bloodlines from Ticonderoga Publications has a cover now! Kathleen Jennings’ work is as lovely as ever. The book also has an official table of contents, and it appears I’m sharing space with some very talented folks. Old names and new…

… but most important to me would be the name of the editor, the redoubtable Amanda Pillar. I’ve submitted material to Amanda on several previous occasions, and working with her has always been not just a highly professional experience, but a very pleasant and personable one. Best of all, she knows her stuff. The previous anthologies have been very, very good.

Expect Bloodlines to be as good, or even better.


Hee hee hee hee hee… Amandapillar. Like, you know: caterpillar. Except already metamorphosed into a butterfly. (Sorry. Bad entomological joke there.)

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