On The Meaning Of Silence

Does silence actually have a meaning? I don’t know. But around here, it means that I’m busy. Working. Working hard.

I’d like to blog more, but quite honestly most of my life is personal trivia. Do you really want to know that I’m preparing a version of oxtail soup tonight, so my wife can heat it up when I’m down the hill teaching a martial arts class? I dunno. Maybe you do. It just doesn’t seem relevant to the matter of Being A Writer. That sort of thing looks a lot more FaceBooky to me.

In the meantime, though, there’s the work. I’m fighting with Midnight in Chinatown. I’m preparing some new Red Priest stories. I’m dreaming up stories for a couple of interesting looking anthologies. I’m wrasslin’ with the Masters degree. I’m applying for grants because I’m supposed to, or else…

And of course, there are short stories. Here and there. You might find this interview of interest. It relates directly to a recently-published short story from yours truly, in an anthology with the intriguing title of “Use Only As Directed“…


  1. bangarrr · · Reply

    I for one shall be looking forward to more Red Priest stories.

    1. The next one will see him in Iceland…

  2. “As a primate I am a social animal, your posts about preparing soup so it can be reheated is IMO the modern equivalent to a primate’s grooming for fleas, a means of maintaining cohesion within the group.

    It’s a matter, as you point out, of choosing which social media tool to employ. As the Last Bastion is to be your author page probably better to give updates on progress of the works, or exactly what ‘I’m fighting with Midnight in Chinatown” means, is it with edged weapons or are you more using psychological tricks to defeat your opponent, the story?

    1. No. Just struggling with the bastard. But the worst is over. I needed to find the core of the book. The core of the first book is Devlin’s struggle to maintain his humanity despite being beset by monsters. It took me a long time to figure out Midnight in Chinatown is really about, but I’ve got it now. Unfortunately, that means a lot of the early work now has to be put to one side. But that’s the nature of the game.

  3. I for two am also looking forward to the Red Priest stories.

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