Mister Flinthart Has A Novel


Indeed I do. But first — welcome to the Last Bastion!

Last Bastion of what?

Top hats. Cigars. Seventies metal music. I dunno — you bring it, we’ll make this place a bastion for it. But for me?

I’m making this place the Last Bastion of Fun. Fun in reading, fun in writing.

I didn’t become a writer because it looked like a steady, well-paid job. I did it because I  couldn’t avoid it, and because it was fun. Fun to do. Fun to be part of… and hopefully, fun to  read.

I’ll get around to posting some sort of manifesto sooner or later, but the short version is this:  here’s my first novel. I wrote it because I wanted to write a novel, and I wanted to have fun  doing it.

Check it out: Path Of Night. It’s got guns and motorbikes, vampires and cops, sax and violins and a buttload of conspiracies, plot twists and action as well as a distinctly Australian setting and sense of humour. I had a great time writing it, and I’m confident you’ll have  as much fun reading it!

Here’s a link to the Amazon Kindle version… but it’s just about to hit print, and I’m told you can find it via Smashwords and others.


  1. Thanks. I need a way to dispense beer, though…

  2. 1/4 the way through your book.
    Pretty good so far.

    1. Glad to hear it. If it gives you a laugh and you enjoy the ride, I’ve done all I set out to do. Time enough to pursue Art elsewhere.

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